5 Summer Fashion Musts!


1. Maxi Skirt–very versatile, comfortable, and in so many different patterns

2. Denim Vest– instantly makes an outfit casual and chic

3. Floral ANYTHING!– floral is so in and is a must this season

4. Pair of large sunglasses– protection and instant glam!

5. Gladiator Sandals—super cutee


Links to the items I found in the pic above!! 🙂

Maxi Skirt (Wetseal): http://www.wetseal.com/maxi-skirt-48327152.html

Vest (H&M): http://www.hm.com/us/product/24560?article=24560-A&cm_mmc=pla-_-us-_-ladies_jackets_coats_waistcoats-_-24560&gclid=CMbNgdWbm78CFTJn7AodNQ8A7w

Floral Dress (H&M): http://www.hm.com/us/product/42545?article=42545-A

Sunglasses (Michael Kors): http://www.michaelkors.com/p/Michael-Kors-Michael-Kors-Eliza-Sunglasses-SUNGLASSES/prod23860001_cat149__/?index=6&isEditorial=false&cmCat=cat000000cat144cat149

Sandals (Steve Madden):http://www.stevemadden.com/product/PLATO/159120.uts?cm_mmc=SEM-_-Google-_-PLA-_-2014&mkwid=9oHWTLJE&pcrid=29070924293&gclid=CLWIm6Kgm78CFSxo7AodGD4Asw



Curing Summer Boredom! 2014!


Sun, smoothies, and swimming…ahh summer

The best of times…and sometimes the most boring of times haha

Here’s ten things to cure summer boredom 2014 style 🙂 

1. Watch the FIFA world cup- even if you know nothing about soccer, its still really fun and you can sense all the excitement even through the TV 

2. Create a playlist of your favorite songs 

3. Find the toughest recipe you can and make it! Or, alternately, make a full five course meal!

4. Buy a box is assorted chocolates and eat every single one and try to guess the flavor

5. Watch a movie in theaters ( especially right now there are so many good movies in theaters right now!)

6. Exercise! Seriously, even if its really hot, exercising releases endorphins making you feel much better 🙂 and drink an awesome smoothie afterwards!

7. Watch Wimbledon! Although the FIFA world cup is the exciting thing in sports right now, Wimbledon ( tennis!) Is also going on and its fun to watch as well!

8. Youtube! Enough said 🙂 

9. Learn to do something you’ve wanted to do for a while but never had the time to.

10. Just relax and be fortunate that you are lucky enough to be able to be bored. Daydream and dont feel as though you NEED to always be doing something, cause honestly you don’t. 


Make sure to savor the moment and enjoy the little things in life..after all it is summer!